I began this project began during a time of major lifestyle changes; buying less, buying secondhand, buying more sustainably and ethically. I was struggling to find pieces that reflected both my love of colour and my ethics, so Chaos and Colour came to life.

Designed in Bristol, UK and handcrafted in Bihkamkor, India, the collections find inspiration in both complexity and simplicity. The simplicity of natural fibres, cotton and linen, paired with the complexity of dynamic fabrics and patterns from around the world.

Believing in the importance of creating things the right way and becoming more connected with the crafters, we work in partnership with the Saheli Women, a non-profit community of female artisans based in rural Rajasthan. The women are trained in the art of garment making, given economic independence, a fair living wage and sustainable livelihood to support their families. These empowered women are the force behind each piece. Profits made from collections are reinvested back into the community, establishing the first health centre in the village and funding the education of over 80 girls from the village and surrounding farms.

With a focus on the environment, we only produce a limited collection of pieces each year, available directly through the website. The ambition is to produce garments with longevity, without having a lasting effect on the environment. Everything is designed by me, inspired by a love of vibrancy and the seemingly chaotic natural world.